News for Parents April 2012

  • We have welcomed the publication of the new Early Years Foundation Stage which will come into force in September 2012. Over the next few months, we will be letting you know how this will affect you and your children.
  • We are still looking at improving the garden over the next few months. The first thing we hope to tackle is the area behind the shed which needs to be cleared of rubbish.
  • We will be asking you about sessions for September soon, so please think about what you would like to book. We try to accommodate everyone as much as possible but it can take time to arrange bookings for everyone. Obviously, you can change your mind if your circumstances change in the future.
  • Please remember that you can talk to your child’s keyperson any time you like.
  • For the preschool children there will be visits to the Reception class over the next term as well as visits from the teachers.
    Places in schools should be confirmed sometime in the coming half term and after that the school will announce meetings for new parents. We work closely with the Reception teachers to help your children settle at school but if you have any questions about the transition to school, classes, or anything else, please speak to your keyperson or to Jane.