Spring Term 2012

We have had a busy half term with lots of new children and their families to welcome into the playgroup.

We have taken part in Sport’s Relief and raised money by filling up Smartie Tubes at home.

At playgroup we made use of the playgrounds of the school to play different sports like football.

We had some new toys for the garden this half term like our new climbing frame which caused a lot of excitement.

We took part in the Big Dig with the school and found lots of worms!

We painted a box to look like a castle and then played in it until it fell apart!


We visited the school Reception class and lots of us had dinner in the dining hall. As usual everyone praised how well our children behaved themselves in a new environment, so well done all of you!

We made Easter cakes and hunted for eggs in the garden. Together, we decorated some huge eggs on the wall which made the garden look very exciting.

We took advantage of the sunshine to play with water outside. We painted the fence, washed the toys, made a water slide and blew bubbles everywhere.