These are the phonic sounds of the letters that your children will learn at school in the Reception class. We do not expect children to have learned all these sounds by the beginning of the Reception year but please do not teach them the more familiar names of the letters as that means they will have to relearn the phonic sound once they start school.

Please remember to turn the sound up!

a  Image result for clipart apple
b  Beach ball summer clip art .
c  cat%20clipart
d  Cartoon Dog Clip Art
g        clipart girl
h  Blue%20Clip%20Art
i  11 Cricket Insect Clipart Free ...
k        kite clipart
l  Lemon Clip Art
m  Ill Gif Large
n  Clip art net
o  orange%20clipart
q  Queen Clip Art
r  Robots%20clipart
s  Snake clipart 7
t  Tiger Cub Free Clipart #1
u  umbrella clipart
v  Van Clip Art
w  Cartoon Worm Clipart Best
x  open box clipart
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z  Baby Zebra Clipart